4 thoughts on “Picture Round – 2/7/2012”

  1. 1). Hervé Villachaze
    2). The Man W/ The Golden Gun
    3). Roger Moore
    4). Spice World
    5).Alan Cumming
    6) The Anniversary Party
    7). Parker Poesy
    8). Dazed & Confused
    9). Milla Jonvonavitch
    10). Chaplin
    11). Penelope Anne Miller
    12). Big Top Pee-Wee
    13). Kris Kristofferson
    14). Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
    15). Ellen Burstyn
    16). Requim For A Dream
    17). Jennifer Connely
    18). Once UponA Time In America
    19). Joe Pesci
    20). JFK
    21). Donald Sutherland
    22). Ordinary People
    23). Mary Tyler Moore
    24). David O. Russel’s second movie after Spanking the Monkey & Before Three Kings Ben Stiller Plays a guy who finds out his birth parents are Lily Tomlin and Alan Alda Comedy ensues!

    25). Tea Leone
    26). A League Of Their Own
    27). Jon Lovits
    28). Southland Tales
    29). Wallace Shawn
    30). The Princess Bride
    31). André The Giant

  2. I’m going to start always posting these here on Tuesdays… I guess I could do the questions too but that would be more of a chore because I don’t generally have the questions and answers as separate files.

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