Final Lock Spot Picture Round

Since I just moved to Los Angeles we’re obviously not hosting trivia at the Lock Spot anymore, but I want to put up the final picture round I did, because (1) it’s probably the best one I ever did in terms of how hard it was to put together and (2) apparently the main people who are finding this blog via Google are pub trivia hosts in Australia, which is oddly fitting given that the old trivia host at the Lock Spot in Ballard, back when Nousheen and I used to play on a team, was Australian … I think pub trivia is big in Australia. (Anyone? Lurkers?)

So this one is a chain of phrases where the if item n is a name or phrase that ends with some word say “box” then item n+1 will begin with the word “box”, etc. Also it loops around such that the chain continues across the last and first items.


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